Published Work:

(2020) Interview with crime-fiction editor Jim Thomsen, Lit Reactor, October 1st
(2020) "Closed For Take-Out" Bristol Noir, September 30th
(2020) "The Forlorn Allure of Slow Bear" - book review, EconoClash Review September 30th
(2020) "Spun Pendulum" Bristol Noir, September 4th
(2020) "Kept Change" ExPat Press, September 3rd
(2020) "Bottom's Up" Pulp Modern Flash, August 24th
(2020) "The Dream of Love" The Daily Drunk, July 23rd
(2020) Interview with Gabriel Hart  EconoClash Review podcast, July 22nd
(2020) "Church of War" Shotgun Honey June 25th
(2020) "Wrath Child's Atrophy" in Little Boy Lost anthology (Mannison Press)
(2020) "Possession: A Movie That Freaks Out So You Don't Have To" (EconoClash Review)
(2020) "When I Met Her In The Street" on The Five-Two "Crime Poetry Weekly" (May 4th, 2020)
(2020) Simultaneous Times podcast Episode 25 ("Black Pit Blues")
(2020) "Straight To The Bone" Twenty-Twenty: a 1920s themed noir/horror anthology  (Black Hare Press - Australia)
(2020) "The Lonesome Defeat of Bridge Repair" Bleeding Hearts and Burning Love anthology (Things In The Well - Australia)
(2019) "Century and The Decayed" in Luna Arcana Issue 4 
(2019) Cholla Needles issue 33 ("Only The Savage Survive," "Warm Wind, Cold Shadow")
(2019) Simultaneous Times podcast Episode 19 ("Hidden In The Hide")
(2019) Cholla Needles issue 28 ("Late Bloomer With A Love Supreme," "Paper Cuts," "Deep Root Delusion," "Heat,")
(2019) Simultaneous Times podcast Episode 13 ("Through The Raven's Eyes")
(2019) Virgins In Reverse/The Intrusion - a novel (Traveling Shoes Press)
(2018) Simultaneous Times Sci-Fi Anthology Volume 1 ("Your Honor And His Likeness")
(2018) Desert Writers Guild Anthology ("BAPTISM!")
(2018) Cholla Needles issue 23 ("Vanessa's Confession," "American Prayer In Motion" + 2)
(2018) Cholla Needles issue 17 ("Lucid Dreaming In D Major" + 3)
(2018) Simultaneous Times podcast Episode 4 ("The Distant Prince")
(2018) Howl - Art and Literary Magazine ("Love Me Like I'm Dead," "Wilted Eden")
(2017) Nothing To See Here - Novelette - Space Cowboy Books 2017
(2017) Cholla Needles Yearbook ("For Namella")
(2017) Cholla Needles issue 10 ("Ride Like The Wind," "For Namella")
(2016) Cinema of Life - Chapbook - Space Cowboy Books 
(2016) In The Woods & On The Heath: Another Book of Prayers by Van Rijn (Hart's contributions: "Skin Invocation," "The Visitor.")

Fall 2020 - "A Return To Spring" novelette (Mannison Press)
Spring 2020 - "Lies of Heaven" novel (Space Cowboy Books)

Work In Progress:
High Prey Drive - a coming-of-age transgressive crime novel 

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