Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Submission call for GHOSTWRITING THE WIP - a non-fiction project about writing.

I'm reaching out to writers in my inner/outer circle to gauge interest in a non-fiction project about writing, which I am calling GHOSTWRITING THE WIP.

Most of us have used ourselves in our work. It's often inevitable, whether it be us writing in the first person consciously based on ourselves, or us consciously trying to divorce ourselves from the main character – only to find that a lot of that character's qualities end up mirroring our own anyway. We'll often learn a thing or two about ourselves we may have been suppressing when choosing that latter path – like amateur psychoanalysis.

The prompt: What about our works-in-progress/published work that predicts the future? Have you ever included a scenario or character in your work that was not based on your past or present – either too far out to be believable or just properly abstract – that ended up taking some shape or form in “the real world” far after the fact?

I've had a substantial handful of these occurrences. I refuse to think I am the only one, so that's hopefully where you come in.

I'm not necessarily looking for something as grandiose as Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven being published hot on the heels of our current pandemic. I want this to come from a much more personal vista – which I see as having the potential to yield even stranger results that might be more difficult to explain away.

It's important to emphasize that this is not to imply any of us are claiming to be armchair prophets. What I want to stir the pot about is the non-linear quality of time, its relation to creativity, and how writing can radiate tentacles of the unconscious to reach out and touch something more tangible than we may think at the time of the passage's conception.

I'm also welcoming innocent journal writing into this, as well as third mind techniques of automatic writing and cut-up.

I'm looking for a chance to interview some of you over email, or else offer the opportunity to write your own nutshell account that I may be able to pull a quote or two from.

Once I get an idea of interest, I'll be pitching it to a list of literary venues as an article, essay, or maybe something larger.

Interested parties write to me directly at


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