Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New short-stories on the horizon: Anthologies in Australia, Florida and beyond

   Between editing my upcoming novel Lies of Heaven and working on my daunting WIP High Prey Drive, I've been using much of 2020 to develop my short-story muscle. I'm one of those writers that finds himself more comfortable stretching out in a novel length effort, so I've found it a great challenge to have to reign myself in for the smaller word counts. A tough lesson to learn: Just because you have a lot to say, doesn't mean you have to say it all, all the time. But short stories can be so gratifying - they often leave it to the reader's imagination to fill in the blanks that their wonder runs away with.
   I wish I can remember who said it this way: "A short story is about a murder. A novel is about the murderer."
   So I've got some shorties coming out in these next couple months. "The Lonesome Defeat of Bridge-Repair" will be included in the gargantuan Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts Anthology (Things In The Well, Australia) to be released on Valentine's Day. Also from Australia, Black Hare Press will be releasing their Twenty-Twenty Anthology which will include my noir "Straight To The Bone" which concerns four rivaling men's hygiene business moguls. And hopefully not last, my story "Wrath Child's Atrophy" will be appearing in "Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted" (Mannison Press, Florida). WCA is sort of like Stand By Me but with heavy metal kids.

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