Friday, March 15, 2019

New story "Through The Raven's Eyes" on Episode 13 of Space Cowboy's "Simultaneous Times" podcast

   "Through The Raven's Eyes" contains a psychedelic theory of human existence that I have been entertaining for some time now - sort of an updated, more nightmarish version of the whole "what if our solar system were just an atom on a giant's hand?" trope. I often relate a lot of human behavior to cellular level mechanics, especially after getting my mind blown by Howard Bloom's The Lucifer Principle in my late twenties. Come to think of it, one of my favorite songs around that time was Anita Lane's The World's A Girl, and I think it would make quite a fitting accompaniment to the story in another format.

   Our favorite antichrist Jack Parsons makes an appearance (in theory) but I promise it's bereft of the usual fanboy worship that we usually fall victim to.

   Thanks to Jean-Paul Garnier and Zara Kand to helping with the cast reading, and to Oneirothropter for the soundtrack.

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