(2018) Howl - Art and Literary Magazine ("Love Me Like I'm Dead," "Wilted Eden")
(2017) Nothing To See Here - Novelette - Space Cowboy Books 2017
(2017) Cholla Needles print Yearbook ("For Namella")
(2017) Cholla Needles print Issue 10 ("Ride Like The Wind," "For Namella")
(2016) Cinema of Life - Chapbook - Space Cowboy Books 
(2016) In The Woods & On The Heath: Another Book of Prayers by Van Rijn (Hart's contributions: "Skin Invocation," "The Visitor.")

Upcoming Publications:
(July 2018) Cholla Needles print issue 17 ("Lucid Dreaming In D Major" plus three poems)
(Summer 2018) Desert Writers Guild Anthology ("BAPTISM!")
(Fall 2018) Virgins in Reverse / The Intrusion - Novel (Elsinore Press)

(Spring 2019) Lies of Heaven - Novel (Space Cowboy Books)

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